Was it those economic matters
That finally scuttled her status?
It threw Liz Truss
Under a bus
With all the aplomb of a lettuce.

Despite the many ifs and buts
She’d proposed sweeping tax cuts
The rich were cheerful
Everyone else, fearful
And Rishi thought it was just nuts.

There was hell to pay the next day
The pound dived and Teresa may.
While Liz was moping
Bojo was hoping
Perhaps a return; who could say?

Liz finally said she was sorry
No one listened except for Laurie,
Who, while a neighbour remained in Labour
Love never means having to stay Tory.

From all angles it appeared to look
That Liz’s goose had mostly been cooked.
Being in a bind
She had to resign
To obscure history, perhaps a book.

She grabbed defeat from a victory
For the shortest tenure in history.
We are all glad
Moo* wasn’t as bad
It’s a puzzle wrapped up in mystery.

Therein lies a cautionary tale
Of what-might-be, of characters frail,
But in Ah Jib’s case
He was merely base
That was why he ended up in jail.

Like Britain, the polls will soon be on us
And pray we do not repeat a Truss
With lots of pluck
And a little luck
Let’s throw BN** under the bus.


*Moo = the nickname of Muhyuddin Yasin, Malaysia’s 8th Prime Minister
** BN = Barisan Nasional, the former incumbent Malaysian government