Listen up, folks. There’s something weird going on and it’s nothing to do with Ghostbusters.

It’s called QAnon and it was begun reasonably enough by a man called Q. Little is known about the enigmatic Q save that he is a self-styled patriot and, possibly, a white supremacist. That’s just peaches and cream in the US: the two are avowedly synonymous.

But I digress. We were talking about QAnon, no? Simply put, it’s Conspiracy Central writ large and is primarily located in the United States, although it’s begun spreading rash-like to the UK, Germany and Brazil.

Weirder still, is that what started as a fringe movement, in 2017, rapidly snowballed into millions of followers during the pandemic.

In March 2020, for example, the number of members in the largest QAnon group on Facebook leaped 700% and it’s been growing exponentially since.

The virus outbreak left millions unemployed and with a lot of time on their hands. It could explain why social media grew in importance. And with artificial intelligence guiding people to sites that they might like, it’s not a stretch to see how QAnon vaulted into the popular consciousness.

At its core, Q and his legions believe that a Satan-worshipping, pedophile-practicing, liberal cabal-Democrats, media-types and Hollywood celebs – form a “deep state” that controls America. More importantly, the only one standing against them is the Very Stable Genius, your- ever-rusty- consistently-orange Donald Trump.

To say that the claims are outlandish would be correct. Many diehards, for example, even believe that Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks, among others, “eat children” to fight ageing. According to this view, a group of US generals finally recruited Trump as the candidate to outwit the cabal’s dastardly plan.

During his presidency, the Donald did re-tweet some QAnon bromides himself, which led to many of his assertions becoming Gospel in the QAnon playbook. Like “the coronavirus is a hoax” theory and, its corollary, “bleach is the solution.”

They believe Trump’s tweet typos are deliberate because they are convinced he “misspelled it for a reason” because he’s “trying to tell us something in code.”
But they don’t know what it is he’s trying to say. However, the mysterious Q will provide, because “he knows.”

We are being asked to imagine Trump actually doing something heroic and not boasting about it?

You’ve got to be kidding.

Trump hitched himself to the QAnon phenomenon by referring to them as “very nice people” and “patriots”.

He did it shamelessly too.

Reporter: “At its core, they believe that you are secretly saving the world from Satan-worshipping pedophiles, these cannibals. Do you buy that?”

Trump, without missing a beat; “If I can help in any way, I’d be happy too.”

These are people who believe Cher is an alien. Then there was this guy who took automatic weapons to the Hoover Dam because they “told me” anti-Trump people were gathering there.

Fifty of them ran for Congress. One even won.

So you can understand what might happen if, for two months, a defeated President repeatedly claimed he won and that the election was stolen.

Thank Heaven the FBI has declared the QAnon potential terrorists. And Amen that the Donald is no more.

And Hallelujah that there aren’t such people in Malaysia. And if there were, they would not be lauded. Right?

Wrong! Papagomo – a QAnon-candidate if there ever was one – got a Datukship early this week.